How Has CNC Machines Changed Manufacturing? 1

How Has CNC Machines Changed Manufacturing?

By Glenn / June 15, 2019

Computer controlled machining has been around a while. It started in the 1940’s and has rapidly advanced with the introduction of computers. Today computers are on a micro scale making them even more powerful than the first space craft we put on the moon. With the help of computer programmers and computer aided (CAD) design,…

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CNC Programming With Next-Generation Machines: Getting Started 3

CNC Programming With Next-Generation Machines: Getting Started

By Glenn / November 20, 2018

CNC which stands for Computer Numerical Control is a method for automating three-dimensional cutting and milling. The best CNC routers will let you produce factory grade work in a small shop as you get started in your CNC career. Today it is easy to find CNC routers that offer precision and speed at prices that…

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CNC Machining Is Growing! Here's why 15

CNC Machining Is Growing! Here’s why

By Glenn / October 24, 2018

The market for CNC machines is growing at a steady pace on a global scale. It is estimated that the cnc industry will reach 94 billion dollars by 2024. Innovations in this area are reducing installation and maintenance costs which will further this innovation and growth. According to a report published by Transparency Market Research, the…

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Building A Three-Axis Rotary CNC Machine 23

Building A Three-Axis Rotary CNC Machine

By Glenn / September 15, 2018

This year’s World Maker Fair in New York yielded a very creative DIY “Rotomill”, a simple three-axis CNC machine, with a rotary axis, that just about anyone can build. This is pretty cool. A three-axis rotary CNC built for the Mechanical Engineering senior design capstone course at Carnegie Mellon University by a team of engineering students.…

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6 Milling Problems and How To Avoid Them [infographic] 25

6 Milling Problems and How To Avoid Them [infographic]

By Glenn / March 27, 2018
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cnc programming

CNC Programming in the Digital age

By Glenn / February 1, 2018

It is an exciting time for advanced manufacturing, there are many evolving innovations, advancing manufacturing with a web of digital technologies. The amount of information and tools available to help manufacturing is amazing and at times overwhelming. Computer-aided design and manufacturing software (CAD/CAM software) have made it possible to innovate and produce new products with…

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VT CNC Programmer

CNC Lathe Setup Basics Explained By A VT CNC Programmer

By Glenn / October 19, 2017

I will discuss as a VT CNC Programmer the important basic steps in setting up work on a CNC slant bed turret lathe for a chucking operation with machined soft jaws. These basic steps make it possible to have a high degree of confidence the job being set up will run trouble free and consistent…

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VT CNC Programmers

How Will 3D Printing Affect VT CNC Programmers in Manufacturing?

By Glenn / September 15, 2017

The implications of new technologies such as 3D printing in industrial manufacturing are right now debated heavily. Some experts feel that 3D printing will be hugely disruptive, while many others feel that the technology, while it has gained ground, has many years to go for viability in manufacturing. So, how will 3D Printing affect VT…

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Five Axis CNC Machining

What Are the Benefits Of Five Axis CNC Machining?

By Glenn / July 30, 2017

Five Axis CNC Machining and the machines are amazing to work with, they are sophisticated CNC machines that can improve your bottom line. CNC programmers are working with 5 axis CNC machines more often now than a decade ago because of the realized benefits associated with the machines. 5-axis machines can be intimidating because they…

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Machine Tool

When Purchasing A Machine Tool: Think Training

By Glenn / June 15, 2017

When you get ready to purchase a new Machine Tool for your enterprise, don’t forget the training. Machine tools are the workhorses of any company that manufactures in the metal working industry. The machines have been able to keep up with demand in the growing global economy. The increased productivity is from the evolution and…

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Advanced Manufacturing

Getting a Career in Advanced Manufacturing

By Glenn / May 28, 2017

Recently I have been asked many questions about what I do and about careers in Advanced Manufacturing.  It seems as if manufacturing has disappeared as a career possibility for a period and is now being reborn. However, manufacturing never went away. Instead, it has become more advanced with an added necessity to fill the pipeline…

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CNC Programming

CNC Programming Blog Named “Top 50 CNC Blogs to Follow”

By Glenn / May 15, 2017

AspectUs, LLC, a company specializing in CNC programming, 3d modeling and fixture design for CNC machines recently was awarded the badge of best blogs in CNC industry. They are listed in the top 50 blogs throughout the world to read and follow. The companies recent success in blogging is due to Glenn Junkins, owner/operator of…

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